DIVAs are Prepared to Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence



Carly Stout, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   A local group of Divas are putting an end to domestic violence. 

   The Domestic Involved Violence Abuse group, also known as D.I.V.A.s are working together to raise awareness for those involved in domestic violence. 

   The group is for those suffering from abuse, assault, sexual assault, and the grieving, depression, and anxiety that is often coupled with that trauma. 

   “Our goal is to help one another get back to as normal of life as possible,” said founder Nichole Miller. 

   Miller herself was a victim of domestic violence and said that working within the community to end violence against other women is something critical to her. “Four years ago, this month, a rookie cop had come up to our residence in Ironton and I’ll never forget him,” said Miller. “I will never forget every cop that came in my past. They all knew my ex-husband. That rookie cop in training came, and he helped me communicate through blinking my eyes that I was in danger. That cop saw the blood on me. He saw I was hurt. I prayed to God that if I got out of that situation, I’d find a way to give back.”

   The group is working toward becoming a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and is currently raising funds to cover the filing fees. The group is telling T-shirts to help with this fundraising.

   “We want to become a nonprofit so we can do more,” said Miller. “I want to be able to help the mother and daughter that runs in the middle of the night get a hotel and food.”

   D.I.V.A. is co-founded by Melissa Pace. The group works on social media, as well as within the community, hosting events such as Reiki, yoga, etc. 

   “Melissa is a Reiki practitioner, and on May 15 we are holding an event with yoga, and refreshments, and education,” said Miller.  The event will be held at BloodMoon Goddess Apothecary in Ashland, located at 5405 Roberts Drive. 

   “It’s bringing awareness toward domestic violence, and men get abused too and we want to be open to those who have, we want to help them,” said Miller. “I’ve been there.” The event will be held from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is free to attend. 

   “I’ll be doing skincare and face massages and raffles,” said Miller. “We want to just help people get through anything on their hearts that day.”

   May is Mental Health Awareness Month so the event is centered around those living with mental illness.

   “I want to invite everyone to come to this event and feel pampered and love,” said Miller. “Change is only going to happen if we do it. We are the change.”