Youth Fly-Fishing Classes at Dragonfly



Chris Erwin

The Ashland Beacon


   Looking for something for your children to do this summer that doesn’t involve an electronic? Problem solved! For the remainder of the summer, boys and girls can attend free fly fishing classes at Dragonfly properties. For many of you, the first question will be, what is Dragonfly, and where is it?

   Dragonfly is two properties on the Little Sandy River, at 550 Treasure Cove Road in Greenup. Myra and Sandy Mosser operate it, and their regular operation includes kayak and canoe rentals, cabin rentals, yoga classes, the Dragonfly Outdoor Café, and so much more. Dragonfly is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and they always have something going on. Many people come just for the to-die-for  food.

   The Mosser’s son-in-law, Justin Matthews, decided that he wanted to do something for the youth that included the outdoors. He said, “three years ago, we decided to add fly fishing classes to Dragonfly. I grew up fishing in southern West Virginia, and I wanted to do something for the youth to help get them outdoors.” The classes were suspended last year due to COVID-19, however, they plan to hold classes through October of this year.

   When COVID-19 put a halt to everything, Matthews decided to start a new business; this has put a strain on his free time, so he recruited Jason Stacy, a longtime fly fisherman from Ashland, to conduct the classes this year. Stacy works at KDMC and helped with the lessons initially; however, he will be the primary instructor this year. They limit each class to six children to space them out and give each child one-on-one instruction. They furnish all the equipment, except they ask the kids to wear a hat and have some eye protection. The education begins on dry ground, but as the class progresses, they spend about the last half-hour casting into the river.

   The class is a one-day event that lasts about two hours. The children may sign up for as many courses as they want. They also get instruction on the different kinds of flies, and at the end, Jason gives each kid a few of his hand-tied flies. Jason shared, “I am excited to see kids again this year; we need to see more kids in the outdoors.”

   Stacy explained the type of equipment he starts the children out on: “We start them off with a five-weight line paired with a nine-foot fly rod and a standard leader. We found it’s a good line that works well for bluegills up to a two-pound bass. We also have foam hook-less flies to use as they start out learning to control the line.” As they become more advanced, they use flies with hooks when they move to the river.

   The next course is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 11 at 4 p.m. if you have a child that wants to attend, you need to contact Jason Stacy on his Facebook page “Homewaters KY.” they have a messenger link to contact them, or you can contact Dragonfly directly.

If you would like to contact Dragonfly, you can do so by visiting their website at or call them at 606.465.0306 or 606.465.7750. They can also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..