How Sweet it is: Iconic Double Drizzle is Back!



Gary Newman

The Ashland Beacon


   Today is a sweet day in Boyd County, as it is the grand opening of Double Drizzle’s new location! The ever-popular Double Drizzle is once again cranking out delicious goodies after a month-long hiatus to relocate to a new location in Summit. Increased open hours, improved parking and easy to spot signage are among the huge benefits to the move, which will make it easier to get in and out. In addition to the outside benefits, the shop itself is much more spacious.

   Double Drizzle founder, Tracy Vipperman noted, “The kitchen is bigger than our entire shop was, and our display area has so much more room.” She continued, “It’s so funny because getting back to work, we’ll all be losing weight because we’re like go, go, go, and there is so much room you have to walk around the kitchen. You’d think opening back up making sweets we’re all going to gain, but I think we’re all going to lose.”

   As everyone comes in for the first time, they will discover multiple food products, lunch options, and, of course, lots of desserts. There are more than just sweets, though. “We’re going to be offering ‘Ghostly Gourmet’ products. We’re going to have several flavors of the ‘ScragglePop popcorn.’ My sister does the wood-burning signs and she’s got a display of those,” Vipperman shared, continuing, “We’re going to have all the melting chocolates and candy making stuff. It’s more than just a bakery!”

   Opening week will bring lots of excitement, as there will be drawings for giveaways of free cookies and brownies, and there may even be some free samples. “I definitely want to give them lots of choices, lots of new things,” Vipperman explained, “There are a couple of small businesses in this business.”

   Double Drizzle was founded in 2014. Before doing this, Vipperman had never even baked at home, and started making cupcakes. Everything they’ve done since, they’ve learned. “People asked if we could make something… we’ll search for some recipes and we’ll try,” she shared, “We’re just learning as we go. It’s exciting. I didn’t know if I’d make it a year, and here we are at seven years. It’s super exciting. Everything is the first time.”    

   Now, after much growth, Double Drizzle becomes a bigger store, has longer hours, better parking, and more product, and there’s a need for more people. “We’re going to have to have more help and we’ve always had family and friends working, but now we’re hiring,” the constantly upbeat owner declared. She’s certain the new folks will fit right in, “I’ve still got family and friends, but now I’ll have more.”

   Positivity seems perfectly in place, however, as if it’s the secret ingredient baked right into the business itself and is apparent everywhere you look in Double Drizzle as the number of positive messages on walls, T-shirts, and even the words of the owner. Never content, there’s still a few new goals and dreams to pursue. “Looking forward, my next goal is to learn how to ship things without it costing a fortune,” as Vipperman elaborates about what’s next, “I want to have sugar free; a lot of people ask for sugar free, so I’d really like to get some more sugar free items in here. Sugar free and shipping, that’s my two goals.”

   Double Drizzle is open from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and is closed Sunday and Monday. You can even order through DoorDash. Double Drizzle treats are offered at the Winchester, Pour House Coffee, and are also set to be offered at Giovanni’s in Summit. You can find out more about specials and new items through their Facebook page, as well.