Local High School Entrepreneur’s Successful Etsy Shop



Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


   Daisy Conn is a local high school Senior at Boyd County High School. She’s 17 years old and she keeps herself busy with Girl Scouts, Beta Club and the Key Club. In March of 2020, amidst the COVID pandemic, Conn needed a hobby to fight her boredom. Wanting to use her time at home to cultivate a business idea, Conn was inspired to start her very own Etsy shop. Conn enjoys making friendship bracelets, anklets, keychains and bookmarks, and began selling her crafts on Etsy. 

   Girl Scouts are encouraged from a young age to engage in entrepreneurship and, most importantly, to be authentic. Girls are inspired to seek a financially stable future. Actually, the biggest hurdle that women face in business is a lack of investments and financial backing. Since Daisy undoubtedly has years of cookie selling experience under her belt, it is no surprise that she put her own skills to work and started her own business. 

   During 2020, everyone got plenty of screen time. Between online streaming services, hand held devices and online schooling, coloring books, yarn, puzzles and board games made a swift comeback. Children enjoyed stem activities, crafts, family game night and going outside to play. Many young folks decided to start selling their crafts online, which led people to start their very own Etsy shops. Daisy said, “I started hand making bracelets once quarantine started and I have been addicted ever since!” Then once she became more skilled, she became interested in selling her projects on Etsy.

   Etsy is an online craft market that sells homemade or vintage items. The vendors set up their own virtual storefronts to sell their items and they pay a small fee of 0.20 cents per listing and a 5% transaction fee. The pandemic influenced many vendors to bring their crafts or vintage items to sell online via Etsy. Etsy has been popularly known as a great side gig, but not a full-time job, but the pandemic seemed to change this perspective. People realized they can make a living from the comfort of their own homes and they really liked it. Etsy is only continuing to grow and Daisy is making her mark by joining the site. 

   Daisy said that her online shop has been a success. She is pleased with the interest in her business and the merchandise she offers. Conn is passionate about making things that she loves and would wear or use herself. She loves to share her hobby with others and she makes all of her items herself with love. Opening her business on September 19th, 2020, Conn has already filled 137 orders to date, noting that her prices range from $5-$17. In fact, Daisy has a large Instagram following for her company, with more than 1,000 followers. 

   Daisy mentioned that from buying the materials, to making the products, to selling the products, to shipping out the products...it’s so much fun running her little Etsy shop. She actually has five pages full of five-star reviews, raving about the quality and craftsmanship of her work. As of right now, Daisy is actively restocking her existing items and hopes that her business will only continue to grow and that local folks from our area can check out her Etsy shop and show their support. 

   Daisy’s Etsy Shop can be found by searching on Etsy.com for daisyandlaurelco.

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