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Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


   Tiffany Wilburn-Meek started the P & C Seed Library with her father, Cliff Wilburn, in an effort to provide individuals with a variety of seeds at no cost to them. Meek prides herself on being environmentally conscious, which she also attributes to her family's influence.

   Meek mentioned they are placing an emphasis on pollinators because of the importance of both the bees and the butterflies, in addition to the overall health of the environment. When planting your garden, think of plants that bloom year-round and make your garden a welcome place for both bees and butterflies. Plant various colors, because different pollinators are attracted by certain colors and fragrances. Roughly one third of the food we eat is distributed by pollinators, which are in decline due to lack of food or available habitats. So, it’s imperative that we make our gardens a place they can call home. You can even help butterflies and bees by offering a clean bird bath filled with small stones to keep them from drowning.

   In addition to helping the environment, gardening can be beneficial to one's mental and physical health. During COVID, many people may feel cut off from their normal activities. Thus, gardening can be a worthwhile endeavor. Actually, the pandemic has caused a resurgence in gardening; as gardening is considered a beneficial stress reliever during this time. Gardening has always been considered a relaxing activity and with many folks working from home now and some students are learning virtually, gardening proves to be an inclusive family activity.

   Gardening can teach children so much, like counting, measuring and adding or subtracting. It can help develop motor skills and teach life skills and a hard work ethic. Being able to grow and eat your own food gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s also nice to share your harvest with neighbors or the local food pantries.

   The P & C Seed Library not only provides seeds but also encourages others to donate any seeds they would like to share. All the seed drop offs and pick-ups will be socially distanced to ensure personal safety during this time. Meek already has October Blaze Maple Leaf starters available for pick up.

   Meek is a stay at home mom and she specifically wants her daughters to be aware of the world around them, as she wants them to grow up to be responsible individuals. “Personally, I would like to leave things better than the way I found them,” said Meek. It’s important to Meek that her daughters grow up in a clean environment and she emphasizes that all of us as citizens are responsible for doing our part no matter how big or small, a task that might be.

   Whether you garden in your own backyard, or you volunteer your time at a community garden...location is key. The best location and soil will encourage plant growth and will encourage you to tend to your plants often. If you do not have a green thumb, there are many books at your local Boyd County and Greenup Public Libraries that can get you started in the right direction and you can check out YouTube videos to learn how to make your own small raised garden at home.

   The P & C Seed Library Facebook group creates a lovely opportunity for community members to exchange seeds or plants for your garden. The natural history of pollination is not only intriguing, it’s an essential survival function. Meek can also be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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