Spotlight on Local Business Triple D Construction: Ohhhh the Ice and Snow!



Renee’ Parsons

The Ashland Beacon

   It may be hard to remember now…in 90-degree heat… and humidity that makes you sweat your face off… but it was only a matter of a few months ago that the whole area was in a state of emergency because of a massive winter storm. This storm was record breaking! It broke thick trees in half, stranded people in their home for weeks on end, caused a propane shortage, and made everyone reevaluate the importance of internet service! It was like a quarantine with a handicap! 

   Like so many others during this difficult time, I worried that my pipes, after three solid weeks of below zero temps, would freeze and cause issues in my house. Indeed, my fears were realized when my water pressure became nothing but a trickle, and a hole appeared beside the toilet in my master bathroom. My husband and I made it through the frigid debacle, but the hole stayed…and got bigger with every passing day, even after the weather had broken. I was convinced that a pipe had burst, flooded the subfloor, and the bathroom was simply going to fall off of the back of the house. So, I used this misfortune to my advantage (I never really liked that bathroom, anyway) and convinced my better half that we should not simply repair…we should remodel!

   I called Darren at Triple D Construction. I had worked with him on a corporate reconstruction once before, and he did an amazing job then, so, I had high hopes. I gave him the rundown of my “dream bathroom” and told him my budget. They did not disappoint.

   Triple D Construction, LLC out of Flatwoods is a partnership between three like-minded friends! Darren Hawkins, Drew Knuckles, and Ray Lawson have reconstructed, rebuilt, and remodeled as “Triple D” in the area for the past three years! Their “Don’t Move, Improve!” logo is displayed proudly on a billboard just outside of Ashland on Rt. 60. Darren remembered his humble beginnings in construction when his father-in-law gave him a 1968 truck and a $10 an hour job with his building company… with zero experience! He eventually became the project manager for a different company, where he met Drew and Ray, and they have worked together now for 13 years. And boy do they know their business.

   My little bathroom floor hole meant that these workmen would be in and out of my bedroom during the day, tearing things out and hauling things away. I figured that would make for a rough month or so. I needn’t have been concerned. They completely gutted the bathroom, and during the two-week process, there wasn’t even any dust in my bedroom. No footprints, no tools left lying around, nothing to clean up when I returned from work at the end of the day. After they had already started the work, I sent Darren a picture of a door…just a door, and asked if they could build me a linen closet about that size. They did it, and even found me a less expensive door! They even brought treats to my dogs, with an attention-to-detail and care for all of my home offering comfort, but their workmanship and prompt service was truly something to write about! I love my new bathroom, and if you need renovations, Darren, Ray, and Drew are totally up to the challenge.

   Renee’ Parsons, CEO of Central Job Bank and Opportunity Center, provides a once-a-month ‘Spotlight on Business’ column to promote the good work of local businesses and encourage people to patronize, seek employment from, or be inspired by these amazing local companies! If you have a business you would like her to spotlight, contact her at her website at, or email her the business information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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