Boyd County Emergency Management Director Receives Award



Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon

   Tim England, Director of Emergency Management, has spent 30 years in public safety. “I have a few simple rules that I follow: lead from the front, remember that leaders have a responsibility to do more and respect is earned not given,” said England. In addition to his work at Emergency Management, he also volunteers at the Westwood Fire Department, where he is a Deputy Fire Chief.

   England studied at Eastern Kentucky University, where he focused on Fire Science, EMS and Medical Labs. He still continues to take training and seminars in both Emergency Management and Fire Science to continue building his skills to best serve his community.

   Earlier this month, at the Louisville Kentucky Emergency Management Association conference, England was awarded Director of the Year. England remained humble saying, “This award belongs to all of my staff, public safety partners, local government officials and corporate partners.” England continued by crediting his community partners for always working together as a team and he feels fortunate for their collaboration and cooperation. He believes wholeheartedly that those strong relationships are what makes their Emergency Management Team so successful.

   England came into this position when Brent Webster left to focus on his career as a police detective at Russell Police Department. England had complete support from the staff once Webster stepped down. Those staff have continued to have his back for over five years now. “Thanks again, to my staff and all of our partners for the support and hard work, this award belongs to you,” said England.

   England wanted to give a special thanks to his wife Tina, who has dealt with crazy hours, missed holidays and dinners for the last 32 years. He mentioned he really has three families: his wife and children at home, his fire department family and his emergency management family. “I couldn’t do this job without you all,” said England.

   Recently, the Westwood Volunteer Fire Department got a brand-new fire truck to serve in the community. The new engine “The Murph” Engine 51 was unveiled at a brief ceremony. They had representatives Robin Webb and Dan Bentley in attendance. Engine 51 has already been used on its first working call.

   Emergency Management serves Ashland, Catlettsburg and the Boyd County area. This agency is multi-faceted and offers preparedness and safety measures. If you follow Ashland-Boyd County-Catlettsburg Emergency Management on Facebook, they post regularly with road conditions, weather conditions, and COVID statistics for the county.

   If there’s a structure fire and it requires multiple agencies, Emergency Management sets up a command post and delegates resources. During a major disaster or emergency, emergency management coordinates public and private sector resources to support disaster response and recovery. If the incident exceeds local resource capabilities, emergency management has the authority to reach out to our state and federal partners to assist.

   England’s service to his community is commendable and many feel his recent award is well deserved. Many people rely on England’s Facebook updates, whether it be boil water advisories or road conditions. When you have a service-oriented heart, nothing can keep you from helping in your community. He not only works a nine-to-five job with Boyd County Emergency Management, but he volunteers as a Deputy Chief Fireman. Regardless of when those tones drop, have no doubt in your mind... Tim England is ready to answer the call.

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