Haunted House and Pumpkin King: Halloween on Hampton is in Full Swing



Tiffany Jobe, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   I love Fall and everything it brings with it. Pumpkins. Apples Cider. Sweaters and boots. Cool, crisp air. Painted leaves. And of course, Halloween.

   But you know who loves Halloween too? Kelly and Jeremy Lewis. They love it so much, in fact, they got married on Halloween. And so much that they decorate their home every year in South Ashland and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

   “I’ve always loved Halloween. My sister does too, but she prefers it a little less scary. Being Wonder Woman in the plastic costumes when I was little was where it all started. I love, love, love being in costume. I probably should have been in theater or been a mascot. My greatest accomplishment is being “Nugget” the Chick-fil-A cow at a (Cincinnati) Reds game.” Kelly said.

   Movies by Stephen King such as Carrie and The Shining, were Kelly’s first experience with anything scary, and as you might have guessed, she was hooked. “I love haunted houses and haunted trails. I liked the feeling after a scare. I was nervous leading up but then would laugh after someone would jump out.” She said.

   “As I got older and had my son, I never really had a chance to do Halloween as big as I wanted. I took him trick-or-treating. I also always liked the thought of Halloween, but I never had a house in the right spot to attract people for Halloween.”

   “We bought our house at the end of 2016. I knew when we looked at it that this neighborhood was prime trick-or-treating. We closed at the end of November, but before we even closed on the house, I was already online buying Halloween decorations.” Said Kelly.

   “Our first Halloween in the house in 2017 was small. My uncle made us a spider that was so awesome. That, and two skeletons were our biggest props. We added a few ghosts and people loved it on trick-or-treat night. We made it bigger in 2018 and people would drive by. Neighbors would walk over with their kids.”

   “My husband, Jeremy, is super crafty so we started looking at things he could build. He made a guillotine and a pillory for 2019. We got married on October 31st and then went outside to do trick or treat with an off with their heads theme. I was beheaded and he was the executioner. More people showed up. More people were driving by. Our neighbors at this point might have regret welcoming us into the neighborhood.”

   According to Kelly, although Jeremy liked Halloween, he wasn’t as fanatic as she was. “I don’t think he would do any of this if it wasn’t me asking him to make all the cool things he can make. He likes to tinker and build so he enjoys this.” She said.

   The pandemic of 2020 brought Halloween to a halt for most and it is during that time that the Lewis’ started the idea of Halloween on Hampton.

   “Our theme was zombie apocalypse…kind of appropriate maybe? So many were quarantined and didn’t feel safe going in public but so many were taking car rides. We started having sounds and fog every weekend in October and a lot of people drove by.”

   This year the Lewis’ are bringing even more to Halloween on Hampton. Kelly has two new favorite props; a 9-foot-tall headless Jack, and the others, she made herself, are 3 ghost heads. They encourage everyone to stop by and see their display this year, it is truly something…haunting…. And if you’re driving by on a Saturday, bring nonperishable items for the Lewis’ food drive to benefit the Ashland Independent School District Family Resource and Youth Services Center.