Getting Creative at Camp Landing: The Artsy Fartsy Walk Opens This Week, Restaurants in December



Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


   Exciting things are coming our way this week in Boyd County. The Artsy Fartsy Walk at Camp Landing will be introduced Wednesday, November 3. Elizabeth Camp-Germann said, “You have to see it!” 

   Camp-Germann actually posted a sneak peak of the Artsy Farsty Walk via Facebook on September 23. The long hallway between the Camp Landing Cinema and future Smoking J’s Ribs & Brewhouse restaurant will host 15 murals and platforms for selfie opportunities. It’s a fun interactive art exhibit that can get the public snapping pictures with family and friends; it’s all about making memories and enjoying the artwork. And what’s great: it is absolutely free to roam the hall and find the perfect selfie opportunity with your favorite exhibit. This project couldn’t have happened without the vision from Camp-Germann, Chelsey Tackett and Hicks construction. Camp-Germann's inspiration for this project stems from her strong relationship with God. 

   The name “Artsy Fartsy” is a unique name for this project. When one hears the term, you might think of something being hoity toity or snooty. But it seems this fun little project is enjoyable for the whole family and is simply a play on words.  If you’re at Camp Landing grabbing dinner at Smoking J’s Ribs & Brewhouse or The Camp Landing Cinema, you can take a stroll through the Artsy Fartsy Walk and enjoy selfie opportunities galore. Camp-Germann coined the art display, “The Artsy Fartsy” walk, because she wanted to embrace the whimsical aspect of the artwork. Camp-Germann doesn’t consider herself to be an established, experienced artist, however the artwork in this hallway will convince you otherwise. “I just believe the Artsy Fartsy walk is just a place to have some wholesome fun,” she shared. 

   Camp-Germann designed and completed several pieces in the Artsy Fartsy Walk and one in particular is a heart that is built entirely from old paint cans. Around September 11, Camp-Germann began collecting empty paint cans for a project in the Artsy Fartsy Walk. Camp-German estimated she needed a little over 100 paint cans to complete her art project. “I had one super nice person give me 56 cans,” said Camp-Germann. On October 6, she revealed her completed project via her Facebook page and people were inspired by her creativity. 

   “This was a difficult project because it’s nearly impossible to dispose of old paint in this area and I saw this as an opportunity to create a work of art,” elaborated Camp-Germann. She mentioned seeing something similar to this piece in Orlando years ago, which was her inspiration for this particular piece. “I decided when making this piece that I didn’t want the paint to drip and I was going to put plastic down, but eventually decided to let it drip onto the floor and make a swirl effect underneath the mounted paint can art piece. That’s actually harder than it looks, we put epoxy over the finished swirl design on the floor. You have to be really careful when swirling the different colors together, as you don’t want to over-mix them,” said Camp-Germann. 

   Germann and Tackett created the artwork lining the hall of the Artsy Fartsy walk. They received help from Hicks construction with their vision. “John Hicks has done a fantastic job working for me, these last few months,” said Camp-Germann. “He’s an amazing young man, running his own business and he does quality work, he works late hours, shows attention to detail and is a jack of all trades.” Camp-Germann continued. “He has a loyal crew and if you need anything done, they can do it,” Camp-Germann concluded. Hicks Construction helped with all the base paints, the trim and hanging brackets. Hick’s crew would do all the base colors and Chelsey would come in and do all the detailed work. 

   “I met Chelsey for the first time, on our mission trip to Guatemala and she painted one of the orphanages. That’s where I first saw her talent. Look how talented she is,” exclaimed Camp- Germann as she showed an example. She felt that they made a perfect team and collaborated so well together for this project. “It was just really fun to develop all of this with her, I’m just so proud of her (Tackett),” said Camp-Germann. 

   Since the Artsy Fartsy Walk is located indoors, it will be available to enjoy year-round. “It’s been a good, fun and collaborative project and all the details were a little more than I expected, but rest assured a lot of time and love were put into this project,” said Camp-Germann

   “I just want people to come and have fun, the restaurant will be open soon. It could be a great date night, have dinner, enjoy the interactive art, maybe catch a movie,” Camp-Germann concluded. 

   On Wednesday, November 3, Camp Landing will be hosting a private showing for Ashland Alliance and after the showing concludes, the Artsy Fartsy walk will be open for the public to come out and enjoy. In the future, six more pieces will be added to the walkway. This creative and interactive art walk will surely bring smiles to children of all ages. 

   The Camp Landing Entertainment District is also expanding with the addition two more restaurants: Smokin J’s Rib & Brewhouse and Backyard Pizza & Raw Bar.

   Smokin J’s Rib & Brewhouse brings barbecue and ribeye. Their current location, just a half-mile away, will relocate inside of the restaurant space that was previously Callihan’s. Jason Camp, of The 3J Group had the following to say about the move; “We are excited to bring our Smokin J’s brand to the Camp Landing Entertainment District. We have experienced such growth at our location in Boyd County that it just makes sense to move into a much larger space to accommodate that growth.” Camp continued, “We will be bringing the same great taste that our customers expect but adding some new flavors as well. We believe this is going to be a great marriage here at Camp Landing, giving our patrons the option of seeing a movie before or after dinner and all the other attractions here at the entertainment district. We couldn’t be happier to have Malibu Jack’s as our new neighbor.” The new Smokin J’s is being remodeled and will open around the same time as Malibu Jacks, just in time for the holidays. The current location will be open every day until the week of relocation. 

   Backyard Pizza & Raw Bar is another regional favorite that will build their second location at Camp Landing, in the former RJ Kahunas’ space. Local restaurateurs and owners of Backyard Pizza & Raw Bar, Drew and Megan Hetzer, shared, “We are thrilled about expanding and being part of this new addition to the area. The space is a perfect spot for Backyard,” Drew Hetzer said. “We have a large customer base from this area that comes to eat at our Huntington location. This will bring us closer to them and give us patio space for outside dining,” Megan Hetzer said. The Hetzer’s will be giving the space a major overhaul and remodel that lives up the standard set by his other establishments. You can expect the wood fired gourmet pizzas to be hitting tables in the early spring. 

   Smokin J’s and Backyard Pizza join the Artsy Farty Walk, Malibu Jack’s, The Cinema at Camp Landing, Boyd County Convention Center, Sports Plex, Farmer’s Market, and several other attractions coming to the Camp Landing Entertainment District.