Small Town Girl with Big Time Pride for Her Community



Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon

   Lilly Suttles is a second grader that attends Raceland’s Campbell Elementary School. Recently, Lilly got the opportunity to pick a school social studies project to do, and she chose Raceland’s very own Mayor Talmadge McPeek Jr. to be her subject. In her project, Lilly was especially proud that Mayor McPeek Jr. was able to obtain $128,000 for Raceland’s NECO Water Meter Project. The NECO Water Meter Project was funded from by the Cleaner Water Program through a grant. 

   Thanks to these funds the water meters from all across the Raceland community will be replaced with new electronic meters that will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on water usage throughout the community. 

   Lilly’s mother, Laura-Ashley Suttles, was immensely proud that her daughter put so much effort and pride into her project. “She did it all by herself!” said Suttles. 

   When asked what her favorite thing was about getting to meet the Mayor, Lilly said, “Getting to see his office and sitting in the big chair. I would love to be mayor and then president when I grow up.”