Misfit Ministries Prepares for Valentine’s Bag Delivery



Morgan Hall 

The Ashland Beacon

   If you’ve ever been to Ashland Central Park early on a Saturday morning, you may have noticed a group of folks holding a church service for the community. Reverend Jack Powers (Reverend Jumping Jack) preaches a gospel message and church members serve the community a breakfast. Church without Walls has been offering this service for the homeless community since 2010. This street ministry is designed to meet people where they are both figuratively and physically. It gives them an opportunity to have a hot meal and someone to talk and listen to them. “We give the people an opportunity to have someone pray with them and talk to them, everyone seems to be struggling in their own way right now” shared Powers. 

   Misfit Ministries is now preparing for their annual Valentine’s bag delivery. Jack, his wife Kristy, their six children and church volunteers all give their time and love to this yearly community service. They are collecting homemade cookies or store-bought cookies. Also, they are collecting gently used or new stuffed animals for the children. The only speculation being that the stuffed animals are clean and ready to be given to a child in need. We spoke with Kristy Powers (Misfit Mama) from Misfit Ministries, and she shared part of the delivery process, “We deliver to Safe Harbor, Shelter of Hope and local budget motels along Winchester Avenue.”

   Powers mentioned that in the past, a local church, Beech Street Christian Church, took up an offering solely to donate to Misfit Ministries for Valentine's deliveries. Powers recalls, “We took the monetary donation from the church and went to Walmart and we filled two buggies full of stuffed animals to give away to the children. My daughter went with me and she was so surprised at how many stuffed animals we acquired for the Valentine's Bag delivery.” 

   Each Valentine bag includes 5-6 cookies and handmade Valentine’s offering the scripture John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son, whosoever shall believe in him will have everlasting life.” Additionally, they write “Jesus loves you.” Each child is given a stuffed animal as well.

    Powers tells us about one of last year's Valentine’s deliveries, “We had one little boy that got a stuffed monkey and monkeys are his absolute favorite animal. He named his monkey Jesus.” The child's parent sent Mrs. Powers a picture via text, with her son holding his monkey.

   In Ashland, we have several homeless folks and their children need something special for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday. It would really bring joy to so many little children and their parents if you would donate to this ministry. Deliveries will begin on February 12. If you have any donations of cookies or stuffed animals please get them to Misfit Ministries by February 11 at the latest. They will be putting the Valentine’s bags together on Friday, February 11 at Thrive Ministries at 5 p.m. for anyone that wants to do a late drop off. You can also contact Misfit Ministries via Facebook messenger to arrange getting your donation to them before the deadline.  Late drop offs can be taken to Thrive Ministries, 121 16th Street, Alley Suite 6.