DockDogs Event at Tin Woof Inn Set to Make A Splash

Carli Holbrook

The Ashland Beacon 


    Dogs from all over the country will be making a splash at Tin Woof Inn in Ashland this weekend during their second DockDogs event of the year. Events will start on Friday, September 7 and end Sunday, September 9.

     Owners of Tin Woof Inn, Gale and Scott Templeton, have been a part of the DockDogs program since they opened their Ashland location four years ago. The couple also owns a second location in Morehead with a third to open this winter in Frankfort.

    DockDogs is a fun event for dogs of all sizes and breeds to compete in different events such as big air, extreme vertical, and speed retrieve. The headquarters is located in Medina, Ohio and has events all the way from California to Maine.

   Events start in February down in Florida and continue through October. Dogs compete in the hopes of getting invited to the World Championship, which will be held this year in Tennessee. This Ashland event is being called the “Last Chance to Dance at Worlds” since it is one of the last competitions to receive an invite.

    Big air consists of dogs jumping off the dock into the water and is measured from the end of their tail. Extreme vertical is an event in which dogs are to jump up and retrieve a hanging toy that starts out at four-foot-six-inches and goes up. Gale Templeton said they have seen dogs jump as high as six and seven feet!

     Speed retrieve is more of a drag race. There is a light system at the pool and when the light turns green, the dog is let go to retrieve the toy at the end of the pool, which will then stop the time. An added event, dueling dogs, is speed retrieve with two dogs competing at once in the pool with a rail in the center as a divider.

    Over the weekend, they hold big air waves in which dogs are divided into groups and have a time slot in which they will be competing. The dogs are also given two chances each time they have a turn. “We had about 1,500 jumps total in our June event,” she said. “That is by far our biggest event of the year.” 

    Owners train their dogs by doing a lot of physical exercise such as jumping into lakes, Frisbee work, and agility training. This helps dogs build up their hind leg development for take off. “People rent out our pool every day to come train their dogs,” said Gale Templeton.

    Tin Woof opens up their parking lot as a camp ground for the weekend. “We leave the center open for our business but everywhere else is open for campers, tents, dog crates, and more,” said Templeton.

“People are more than welcome to come watch,” said Gale Templeton. “It’s so fun to see and the announcers will tell about the dogs and how long they have been jumping. We have bleachers and you can bring your chairs and have a great time”.