A Roaring Good Time: Tractor Pull and Lawnmower Races Bring Out Crowd at Greenup County Fair

Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon

    Black smoke filled the air as engines roared during the annual tractor pull and lawn mower races ending the Greenup County Fair over the weekend. On Friday, crowds came out to watch trucks and tractors try their best to pull a weighted truck down the track in the fastest amount leaving spectators cheering and laughing throughout the event.

    “We come every year for this,” Sarah Porter said. “My husband really likes to watch it and I love the carnival food.” As each tractor started at the starting line and throttled their engines trying to pull the weight, spectators cheered until the tractor would lose its engine halfway through the track. “It’s a good show and a good fair,” Porter said. “Tomorrow we will be here for the lawn mower races as well.”

    While many were at the Greenup County Fair to watch the Tractor pull, children rushed over to the petting zoo to play with all types of farm animals including a llama. Children ran around the cages area chasing chickens and petting baby pigs with smiles on their faces. “I really like the pigs,” 4-year-old Josh Smith said. “They feel so funny.”

    Throughout the evening families also enjoyed carnival rides for all ages and all sizes. “I liked riding the merry-go-round and the cars,” Smith said.

    On Saturday the family fun continued at the fair with the famous lawn mower races. Fans also cheered from the stands as lawn mowers raced around the dirt track trying to come in first place. Spectators laughed as racers overshot turns on the track and crashed into each other throughout the evening.

     “We have been coming to this fair for quite a few years now and it seems to grow each year,” Porter said. “It’s been a great time this week seeing friends and family and kicking off the Labor Day weekend.”

     Saturday’s events marked the end of the Greenup County Fair but residents and fair-goers look forward to next year. “As long as they have the tractor pull, we will be here,” Porter said.