‘CARRIE’ Actress Finds Fame in Aftermath of Car Accident

By Gary Newman

The Ashland Beacon

Australian, British, and American news sources and entertainment shows, including 'Inside Edition' and 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', have been reaching out to and talking about Marshall University student, Sidney Wolfe. After an evening promotional appearance for the Paramount Players, production for 'Carrie the Musical' at the Fallsburg Fearplex resulted in a totaled car and a big dose of fame

While masses viewed her mention on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan,' Wolfe said, "They mentioned she was on her way to a party and I was concerned that people would think that it was a drinking thing. I was actually coming home from the promotional appearance."
It was a promotional thing that began unexpectedly. Wolfe, who plays Sue Snell in 'Carrie the Musical,' was filling in for Kate Jackson at the event as Jackson had fallen ill. With the makeup magic of Paramount Arts Center  Costume and Makeup specialist, Rick Payne she was transformed into Carrie White. After an evening of meeting guests at the Fearplex, she was headed home and while in South Point, a deer darted in front of her car. The deer and the car suffered the same fate, both lost, but Wolfe emerged unscathed.
 However, because Wolfe had decided to wear the makeup in the car on the way home, even though she changed into a T-shirt, when the good Samaritan came upon the scene and saw her, he called for help, and first responders showed up in mass quantities. Still stunned from the accident, she had the clarity to tell the first policeman to approach that she was in stage makeup.
"I was aware of how it was going to look in an accident, car totaled, deer dead, and driver covered in blood from the top of her head all the way down" Wolfe said, "the first responders who were on the scene said it was the first time they'd seen someone in an accident in full costume."
The next day, Wolfe posted the picture to Twitter, and several people at Marshall had liked it and retweeted it. "By the following morning, it had gone over 300,000, and people were saying I'd won Halloween," she stated, "and the media attention began with New York City radio stations talking about it and reaching out to her, followed by 'Inside Edition.' NPR Houston called and interviewed her, as well.
"When I first saw the photo of her accident, I was just thankful she was safe," said Melanie Cornelison-Janotta, the director of 'Carrie the Musical,' "When I started hearing the number of likes she was getting and the news agencies that were reaching out to her, I was amazed!" The additional PR has been a boost for the show, too. "With many communities changing their trick or treat night, I hope a lot of people will be looking for something unique to do for Halloween," Cornelison-Janotta stated.
As for Wolfe, she's certainly lived up to the expectations those who have known her longest-held for her future. The 2017 graduate of Shelby High School in Shelby, OH, in her Senior Superlative was named, 'Most Likely to be Famous!' At the time of publication, her likes had escalated to over 383,000. They called it!