Brand-New Look Dazzles and Welcomes Gillum’s Customers

Gary Newman

The Ashland Beacon


   Fresh from over a year of design and construction, and over 25 years of business development, Mike and Tina Gillum can’t help smiling when folks marvel at the bold and brightly colored signs and the all-new recently opened showroom of Gillum’s Service and Repair.

   “Guys come in and the first thing they say is, ‘Wow,’” Michael Gillum described. “We wanted to make sure it was an open floor plan, so everyone could flow easier from parts to service. We wanted to be more functional and we feel as though we’ve accomplished that.”

   Tina Gillum added, “I love that more of the equipment is on the floor and the parts department is laid out better.”

   Since 1996, the family business has undergone seven moves or additions, but this one is by far the most breathtaking. Two years ago, with a facility that featured a warehouse before the showroom, there was a desire to flip that construct, and bring the customers directly to the showroom. “We came up with a plan,” Michael Gillum explained, “with contractors, Patton and Queen and that plan worked well. All our customers seemed to be very patient with us throughout the construction process.” He went on to add, “I’m pleased with it.”

   “Being a family business, you’ve got to realize if your dealing with one location, you’ve got to be there for your customers,” Gillum continued, “you’ve got to be as convenient for the customer as you can be. I think it’s just a lot of hard work and time put in to make a family business successful. We’re open six days a week and have extended hours Saturday. You’ve got to be ready to do business when the customer is.”

   Explaining the origin story, Tina Gillum described, “I was asleep in bed, he comes in and wakes me up at 12:30 at night and he said ‘I’m going to put in a lawn mower shop.’ I said, ‘oh, OK,’ and went right back to bed. The next day, I got up and went to work, came home, and he said ‘I bought a building.’ ‘You bought a building?’ ‘Yeah, for my lawn mower shop.’” Tina continued, “‘What lawn mower shop?’ ‘The one I told you about last night.’ ‘Where are you going to put this building?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know, we’ll figure that out, but it’s getting ready to be built.’ ‘OK, I guess we better find some land.’”

   One year later, Gillum’s Service and Repair opened its doors. The mission statement from the early days still evokes placing customers at the top, being honest, helpful and courteous to all people, selling high-quality equipment and backing it up with high-quality parts and service. It closes with loving what they do.

   Future plans show no signs of relaxing, as Michael Gillum related, “We’re looking for growth. We’re looking forward to having everything back in one location.” In addition, Gillum’s will host a ribbon-cutting and an open house. Future plans highlight a college-aged kid stepping into leadership, and retirement for the Gillum’s within a decade.

   For now, Gillum’s Service and Repair is just focused on welcoming everyone into the bold and beautiful new showroom under the lighted signs that everyone has been talking about.