Antler Addiction: Apple Smack Minerals

Jarrod E. Stephens

The Ashland Beacon


   You’ve likely heard the statement, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Down through recorded history, mankind has encountered obstacles or aggravations that eventually led to awesome discoveries and creations. Such is the case with one local outdoorsman, and his frustrations led to the creation of a product that has been putting smiles on faces and venison on the table.

   John Colegrove, of Greenup, has enjoyed the creation and all that it has to offer, but prefers to be in pursuit of white-tailed deer when at all possible. Much like any other deer hunter, Colegrove tried every trick in the book to improve his chances at success by using minerals to improve deer quality and traffic within his hunting area. “I got sick and tired of buying stuff that didn’t work,” Colegrove stated as he recalled why he began tinkering with the idea of creating his own mineral mix. “We bought minerals and experimented with our own mix and within days we had captured thousands of trail camera photos of deer that kept coming back for the mixes we had created,” he said. The need for an improved product and those experimental batches of minerals led to the birth of a mineral mix called Apple Smack.

   There are many options in the world of supplemental minerals for deer, but finding a product that is produced in our region is quite unique. Antler Addiction and the Apple Smack product are as home-grown as you can get. John, along with his dad and his uncle still mix, package and seal every bag of Apple Smack. “We have some hunters who drive four hours to get Apple Smack because they know it works,” Colegrove said. When asked what he felt was the biggest accomplishment for Apple Smack thus far, John quickly stated, “Just getting hunters to love it because it works.” 

   Since Apple Smack is a mineral, it can be used year-round to improve the overall health of your deer herd. The minerals can help improve antler growth throughout the spring and summer. In the meantime, it allows hunters the opportunity to set up cameras and monitor growth and the true attracting power that the product has. The faint smell of apple helps to attract the deer and, once they get a taste of the product, they keep coming back for more. You simply dump the minerals on the ground and the deer will find it. Whether or not you’ve tried using other minerals, after giving Apple Smack a try at your hunting hotspot, you’ll soon discover why hunters have grown to enjoy the product. 

   Colegrove and his family hope to expand Apple Smack’s market so that more hunters can experience success with the product. The product sells for $12 per bag, and if you’d like information about purchasing Apple Smack, you can give John a call at 606.585.8158 They can also be found on Facebook.