Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend: Former Fields Flower Shop Comes Tumbling Down

Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon


With a folding chair, a camera and surrounded by family members, Rob Fields sat in the parking lot and watched as an excavator ripped into the back wall of the former Fields Flower Shop.

“It’s a day of mixed emotions for sure,” Fields said, as he watched the former shop come tumbling down. “It was something that was long overdue.”

The building, which was originally a hotel and then became home to Fields Flower Shop in 1973 on 15th Street, has been a major part of Fields life. “I have so many fond memories in that building,” Fields said. “My parents purchased it when I was still pretty young and I was basically raised in it.”

For around 40 years Fields owned the building until he sold it to the new Delta Marriott in May. The building was being demolished to make room for a bigger entrance to the hotel.

“We have been moved out since May, so it has been a while since we were inside,” Fields said. “As I closed the new location today, I put a sign on the door “closed for a funeral.”

Starting at 4 p.m. and working throughout the evening Fields and his family watched as crews brought down the three-story building starting from the back and ending at the storefront. Throughout the demolition, Fields could be heard sharing memories and stories from each room to his children and friends.

“One of the best memories I have is falling asleep in one of the rooms and my parents not knowing where I was,” Fields said. “It scared them so much and they searched till they finally found me at four in the morning asleep.”

Throughout the evening crews worked to bring the brick building down and Fields was there for every moment of it, even having pizza delivered by family to the hotel parking lot so he wouldn’t miss a thing.

“It definitely makes the street look different,” Fields said.

After a short dinner break, crews continued to rip through the building and in just a few hours the building was nothing more than a large pile of rubble.

“Today it’s goodbye to a dear friend,” Friends said.

While the former building served home for more than 40 years to Fields Flower Shop, Fields is looking forward to their new location on Central Ave.

“We are still open, we just relocated,” Fields said. The new location is very nice and has tons of room for displays and services we provide.”

Fields Flower Shop is located at 1516 Central Avenue with their normal business hours.