Pipe Dreams to Sweet Reality - Double Drizzle Celebrates Five Years



Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon


   When Tracy Vipperman decided to open a cupcake business five years ago, she had no idea that it would grow into the bakery that it has become. Actually, she had never even made cupcakes, much less anything else that she now carries in her little sweet shop. “I thought that it looked like fun and I wanted my kids to know that they could always follow their dreams,” Vipperman exclaimed.

   She called up her twin sister, Stacy Roberts, and told her that they were going to start making cupcakes. She says that her sister had the same reaction of “we don’t make cupcakes.” Tracy says that she told her sister, “we’re going to now!” 

   The sisters even included the fact that they are twins in the name of the shop. “Double Drizzle” is a play on the old saying, “double trouble.” The girls started making cupcakes out of Tracy’s home at first and she said that they just learned as they went. Tracy had worked at Crisp’s as a teenager and her first few flavors came from the flavors of ice cream sold there. 

   They began with just four flavors and sold them on Facebook. When they sold several thousand on Facebook in a very short amount of time, the sisters figured that they better make it official for the health department and get themselves a shop. 

   When Double Drizzle first opened, the sisters sold about a dozen flavors of cupcakes and some candy. Now, the duo sells just about everything, but she had to learn to make all of it because “I had never done any of this stuff.” 

   Tracy had never learned how to decorate a cake but customers kept asking for them. She explained that the customers would tell her that they didn’t care what they looked like and eventually she gave in and started making and decorating cakes. “Now I make them all the time,” she said.

   She does say that she no longer does big tier cakes because it is just too hard to find packages and support rods. “Then you have to worry about the people transporting them and what they are going to look like” when they arrive at their intended destination, she shared. She refers customers that are looking for big tiered cakes to “The Pastry Princess” because she says that it is important to “support other small businesses.”

   Then customers started asking for cream horns, so the sisters started looking for recipes and testing them until they created something that they liked. The same went for cookies. They had never made cookies but they learned and now they offer a wide selection in their shop daily. 

   The sisters have also learned to make cheesecakes. The very first one that they made was a “brownie-bottom peanut butter cheesecake” that took first place at the “Sweets for Sight” competition in Huntington. They have now added a pumpkin pecan cheesecake as well as a strawberry cheesecake and a turtle cheesecake to their list of desserts. Tracy plans to enter the pumpkin pecan cheesecake into next year’s “Sweets for Sight” competition. 

   Tracy’s sister, Stacy, has been there with her right from the beginning and usually comes in very early in the morning to get everything started. However, her husband, Bryan Roberts, was recently the victim of a fluke accident at the Special Metals plant. A 7,500 pound piece of steel came loose and landed him, crushing his legs and his pelvis, so Stacy has had to take off for a bit to take care of him.

   While Stacy is temporarily off, Tracy’s 11-year-old daughter, Taya, has been coming in with her in the mornings to help out and her 16-year-old daughter, Jadyn, helps in the afternoons.

   Then, around the first of November, Tracy had some setbacks with her own health. She had a heart attack and was told that she had to take it easy. She didn’t want to stop at first but then realized that she truly was exhausted. So she made the difficult decision to close the shop temporarily while her and her sister were both off duty. She said that “after one week off, I was ready to get back” into the shop. 

   She kept the shop closed until November 20, and then re-opened in time to get everyone’s Thanksgiving orders done. Shortly after opening back up, she received a “kind offer” from Andi Hunt, the owner of Herb n’ Stone Tea Shop on Carter Avenue. She offered to help Tracy fill orders after Christmas. Tracy said that she was “so amazed at such a nice offer from someone that I’ve never even met.” 

   Tracy stated that when she started this business five years ago, she “didn’t know that we would be here this long. I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff.” But she is back in full force now, and with the help and support of her family and the community, the little bakery is still going strong.

   Double Drizzle is located at 8130 US Route 60. Their desserts can also be purchased at “The Pour House” in Russell, KY and at “The Winchester” in the new Delta Marriott.