A Show of Appreciation

Jarrod E. Stephens

The Ashland Beacon


   Typically, whenever you see police cars in front of a school, it’s an alarming sight. We tend to associate the presence of our officers with danger or trouble.

   However, at Campbell Elementary in the Raceland-Worthington Independent School district members of the local law enforcement recently gathered for some sweet treats with the students to change such perceptions of our friends in uniform. In honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day the students and staff welcomed members of the local law enforcement to enjoy some refreshments with the students before school.

   The event was open to all members of the law enforcement community and allowed them to interact with the students which creates an environment of trust. Through such events the students realize that the officers are “real” people and not just enforcers of the law. The students have become well-acquainted with the officers as they visit from time to time and when they do come they are showered with thanks and attention.

   The Raceland school district is fortunate to have Worthington Police Officer Jeff Hambrick as the school resource officer. School resource officers are an important member of any school community. Officer Hambrick is in his fourth year as the Raceland School Resource Officer and spends his days in each of Raceland’s three schools creating a relationship of trust and safety within.

   When asked what his favorite part of being a School Resource Officer is he replied, “I love interacting with the kids.”

   That interaction pays dividends that we may never understand while creating a safer school environment for our students. Many of the classes created “Thank-you” cards for Officer Hambrick showing their appreciation for his presence within their school.

   Sometimes it’s quite easy to overlook the contributions that our public servants make to our communities. Whether they are on or off duty our officers are important to the overall health of our society. Our officers truly do an amazing job protecting our communities and they deserve our appreciation every day of the year. Next time you see a police officer, take the time to express your gratitude for their service to our state and community.

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