Jonathan Joy and Levi Joy

For The Beacon

(In the voice of Kid

Superhero Buck Travers)


   We were on our way to Mt. Everest to battle The Blizz, but how would we get there? Mt. Everest is a long way away.

   I can fly. Tracy, too. But we’re not strong enough to fly all that way and carry the others.

   It’s too far for Mandy Magic to teleport. And, even if she could, it’s an awfully dangerous place to teleport into.    

   Nick Newton’s force fields might be a big help when we get there, but how do we get him there?

   Robert Robertson, the technology and construction whiz, saved the day when he introduced us to a giant flying spider shaped car he had built with the help of the Kid Space Force and some kid named Axel, who was really into bugs.

   Robert’s state of the art spacecraft would get us to Mt. Everest in no time. It was super-fast.    

   When we arrived, we stood up to a very upset The Blizz, who attacked us with vicious snow and wind and ice. We were battered against the mountain rocks repeatedly, Nick Newton’s force fields saving us on several occasions.

   One time Mandy Magic grabbed me and teleported me out of the way just before a giant ice boulder was set to clobber me.

   The Blizz roared a terrible roar and grew angrier. He was now joined by a giant snowman like the one that had threatened Ashland just days prior.

   Robert’s heat ray was effective up to a point, but it overheated and was no good at all after that.

   Tracy and I combined our super strength and, with our combined power, we were able to knock The Blizz down, weaken him. But we were no match for the giant snowman. We tried to trick it, to reason with it, to outrun in. Nothing was working.

   That’s when Robert upped his robotic game. Turns out that spider shaped super ship that brought us here wasn’t just a flying car. Robert pushed a few buttons and it transformed into a gigantic robot. It was five stories high, half the size of the snowman, but twice as strong, made of metal. It was tough. And so cool!

   “Where you been hiding this thing?” I asked. Robert responded that he didn’t think the battle bot element of his invention was ready yet, but since we were getting throttled by the giant snowman, he didn’t have any choice but to try it.

   Robert controlled the thing from a hidden compartment inside the robot, where its heart would be. There was room for all five of us, but it was a bit cramped.

   The giant robot made a much tougher competitor for the giant snowman than our five individual efforts had. We got knocked back with a few giant snowballs, but the robot stood strong, and Nick kept us safe inside with a force field when needed. The robot held a giant sword with hand crafted beetles all over it and whacked the snowman’s head clear off.      

   A spider ship. A beetle decorated sword. And the legs of the giant robot were painted yellow and black like a bumblebee. I asked Robert “What’s with all the bug stuff?” He said the kid, Axel, that helped him design it was obsessed with bugs and he just kind of went with it.   

   Super-duper heat rays shot from the giant’s eyes, melting its middle and lower parts and eventually it was gone. The Blizz was flat on his back, his giant snowman creation melted. Victory was ours. But that wasn’t the end. We came to search for the Pangea stone, which was hidden somewhere in this giant mountain. We knew it was the source of The Blizz’s power, but it was up to us to find it.

   We wouldn’t get much of a chance, though, before we were hit with an avalanche. We tumbled down the mountain, bouncing off the rocks, and stuck under a sea of snow and ice. Tracy and I held on to each other, and Nick kept us safe with a force field. Mandy was able to teleport out of danger, grabbing Robert and taking him with her. But the giant robot was toast. By the time it reached the bottom of the mountain it was half smashed and scattered all over the place and half buried in many, many feet of snow. It was a wreck.

   We were ready to give up our search for the Pangea stone and hurry home. All but Tracy, who wasn’t giving up. I followed her, flying back up the mountain to The Blizz’s secret getaway. Once there, I started a small fire in an instant by rubbing two sticks together at super speed. The small fire began to have a strange effect on The Blizz. It was melting his ice beard. He screamed in pain, broke down, and told us where the Pangea stone was. We got it!

   Robert was able to salvage enough parts of the wreckage to build a transport ship that would fit him and Mandy and Nick. Tracy and I would fly alongside all the way back to Ashland.

   I’m glad to be home. I’m glad my friends are okay. We defeated The Blizz, and we got the source of his power. And now Ashland is home to two of the seven ancient, powerful Pangea stones. Don’t go spreading that around, though. There are others out there looking for them, I think. But that is a tale for another day.

   The Kid Superheroes will return…soon.

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