New Store Offers Affordable Boutique

Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon


   Cody Foran and his fiancee, Tiesha Slone, opened up a store called “Southern Baked Cotton” a few months ago in Hurricane, West Virginia. They sold graphic tees with silly logos that they made themselves. The duo soon decided that they wanted to go into more of a boutique clothing line. They also wanted to stop commuting to and from Hurricane from their home in Ashland. Soon, they turned everything around to the way they wanted it and Alexander Reann was born.

   Alexander Reann, which is located at 224 15th Street in Ashland, got its name from the owners. After kicking around a few names for the retail space, they ended up combining their middle names as the title of their store. The store primarily sells women’s clothing from a size small all the way up to size 4X. They also sell hats, shoes, and boots. The first sign that a customer is entering a women’s clothing store is literally the sign out front that says “We accept all major credit cards-especially your husband’s.”

   Clothing at “Alexander Reann” starts at $18 with the highest piece being $45. Foran shared that people should be able to “spend a little bit and get a lot. That’s what we’re going after.” Everything in the store is “priced affordably,” Foran stated. “We want everyone to be able to purchase a full outfit without breaking the bank.” When an item comes in, it is priced the same across all the sizes. If a shirt is $25 in size small, then it will also be $25 in size 4X.

   Foran explained that they are consumers of the clothing as well, “so we hate paying high prices for stuff ourselves. We want to just kind of give back in a way.”

   Since coming to Ashland, the store has gotten tons of support for a small business, more than they did during the couple of months that they were in Hurricane. Foran revealed that it makes him “glad to be part of the community.” The store is actually low on inventory right now, as so many people who own businesses downtown posted about their new store on Facebook that they have had a lot of people come in to purchase clothing. They are restocking and ready to meet more customers now.

   Outside of clothing, the store carries some jewelry, perfume, candles, and wax melts. They also sell Chapstick and little holders called LippyClips. LippyClips are small accessories that hold lip balm and can be clipped anywhere. Foran says that for right now, they are ordering candles and other items wholesale to sell in their store, but they are open to finding people locally who make those items that would be willing to have them showcased in the store.