TikTok Skull Breaker Challenge... The Worst Idea Ever!


Janice Osborne Dowdy, 



   The viral phenomenon showing three people standing side by side looks innocent enough, until the two people on the side target the middle person by kicking their legs out from under them and sending them painfully to the ground. 

   It is known as the “skull breaker challenge” as a reference to when the victims’ heads hit the ground as they fall backward. Nationwide, people are ending up in the hospital with serious injuries including broken bones, skull fractures, concussions, and brain bleeds. Many of these injuries result in a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury. 

   They don’t just heal up. You don’t just “get better.” A brain injury will alter your life – FOREVER. 

   Research has shown that the brain of an adult and teen are very different. The rational part of a teen’s brain will not fully develop until around age 25. That leaves teens in a situation of making decisions that are not always made with good judgment and awareness of the long term consequences of their choices. So as a parent, this is something to specifically sit down with your children and discuss. 

   This “viral trend” is resulting in consequences such as severe injury and legal ramifications. Don’t be the parent that says, “my child would never do that.” Be proactive and discuss the consequences of engaging in these activities. If you have a school class or youth group and would like someone from NeuroRestorative to come speak to your kids, please reach out to the contact information below. 

   March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and raising awareness to these injuries is part of reducing the risk of acquiring them.

   Janice Osborne Dowdy is a speech language pathologist at NeuroRestorative Ashland. She can be reached at 606.324.1609 extension 3024 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.