Brennaman Report 9/11

Amanda Ingram


The Ashland Beacon


   One of our favorite events happened last weekend, one that we mark off of on the calendar as soon as we know the date: The Marty Brennaman Golf Classic, this year in its 14th year with all proceeds benefiting the Reds Community Fund.

   In 14 years, the weather has been very good so, I guess we can’t complain about the golf round being rained out on Sunday afternoon. Not to let a few rain drops spoil the day the folks at Belterra Casio and Resort in Indiana set up a massive room with big screen televisions to watch the opening day of the NFL season, golf simulators and corn hole games. It made for a fun afternoon.

   Participants at the golf event get to enjoy a fantastic meal, a program put on by Fox Sports Ohio and then a comedy show with top name comedians brought in by our friends Bob Kevorian, of the Bob and Tom Show, and Josh Sneed, a national touring comic from Cincinnati.

   The event brings out more than 50 celebrity guests including former Reds players and members of the local and national media. It truly is a great two days and raises over $200,000 dollars for the Reds Community Fund.

   The organizers of this event do such an amazing job of coming up with a theme every year and this year was no exception. Full size posters are given to each participant signed by Marty and they have become sort of a collector’s item. Some of my favorites included the “My Way” poster as a take on the “Rat Pack,” “The Thomfather,” as a play on “The Godfather,” and this year might be my favorite yet, “The Sandtrap,” a spoof commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the ever-popular movie, “The Sandlot.”

   The artist that draws these every year is a true talent incorporating so many little things in the design of his poster. This year the Joe Nuhall autograph is on the golf bag, the new Reds’ logo is found on a golf ball and, of course, the role of the Beast is represented by Schottzie, the beloved dog of Reds’ former owner Marge Schott and the role of lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn is played by everyone’s favorite Reds gal, Rosie. I can’t wait to get this one hung in the house, it is such a fun piece of art to add to our home every year.

   Now that the NFL season has officially kicked off the news and conversations turn away from baseball, especially in a town where the baseball team is just playing out the string. But, if you missed last Saturday’s game then you missed this 2018 Reds team making history.

   In the second inning with the bases loaded Joey Votto hit the teams’ 11th grand slam for the year, passing a club record and just one off from the all-time record. This team may not be remembered for having an outstanding year but they have had some sparks of greatness and the offense and the grand slams have been a lot of fun to watch.

   Just a few short weeks remain in the season and the Reds have a chance to help or hurt some teams make the playoffs. They will be heading to Chicago and Milwaukee both hopeful post-season teams. The Cubs are still solidly in the lead of the National League Central Division but the Brewers are bearing down and the St. Louis Cardinals aren’t out of the race just yet.

   It’s still baseball season at our house and we will be keeping an eye on scoreboards across the league. Plus, if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend the Reds will be showing “The Sandlot” at Great American Ball Park on the video board Friday night from 8 p.m. to 10 pm. The event is free and open to the public. I’m looking forward to being there with family and friends.


Until next time,

Amanda Ingram Brennaman